Sydney-Based Indie Folk Artist Southey Unveils Haunting New Single ‘Into The Sea’

Sydney, Australia - June 19, 2024. Indie folk artist Southey is set to captivate listeners with his latest single, "Into The Sea," a dark and moody track that showcases his exceptional talent and deep emotional resonance. Written, recorded, and produced entirely in his intimate rooftop studio overlooking the serene beaches of Manly, this single is a testament to Southey's artistic vision and dedication.

"Into The Sea" is a haunting exploration of love, loss, and self-discovery. The lyrics weave a poignant narrative of longing and introspection, set against a backdrop of ethereal melodies and melancholic harmonies. With lines like, "If I know now / If I found out / I would throw my phone into the sea / Oh like you did me," Southey captures the raw and often painful essence of heartache and the search for closure.

The song's intricate production, characterized by its layered acoustic guitars and atmospheric soundscapes, creates an immersive listening experience that draws the audience into Southey's world.

The single shows some more intimate songwriting compared to his previous work through verses such as, "I don't remember who I was last week / Nice to meet you, let's start over again / Can we just stay here, please just one more drink / Nice to meet you, let's start over again." These lines reflect the universal desire for a fresh start and the fleeting nature of personal identity, themes that resonate deeply in today's fast-paced world.

The chorus, "If I go now / If I storm out / Would you lay your arms down over me?" is a poignant plea for connection and understanding amidst the chaos of emotional turmoil. Southey's emotive vocal delivery, coupled with the song's haunting instrumentation, leaves a lasting impact on the listener.

"Into The Sea" is not just a song but an emotional journey that invites listeners to explore the depths of their own feelings. Southey's ability to channel his personal experiences into his music makes this single a standout addition to his discography.

Fans and new listeners alike can experience the haunting beauty of "Into The Sea" on all major streaming platforms starting 19/6. For more information about Southey and his upcoming projects, visit or follow him on his socials.

About Southey:

Southey is an indie folk artist known for his deeply emotive music and introspective lyrics. Drawing inspiration from personal experiences and the natural beauty of his surroundings, Southey creates songs that resonate with authenticity and raw emotion. His unique sound and heartfelt performances have earned him a dedicated following and critical acclaim within the indie music scene.

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